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Criminal Defense

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Redlands, CA

If you or a family member are being charged with a crime, the repercussions can quickly result in unnecessary stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Dependent on the nature of the case, it is probable that you will be facing imprisonment and if convicted, but even the slightest terms of a conviction can have devastating consequences that can last a lifetime.

Facing criminal charges in California is a serious matter that can affect your record. Seek the legal support of a criminal defense attorney in Redlands who has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions accurately and quickly. Crista Haynes of The Haynes Law Firm, APLC serves all courts throughout San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and will help protect your rights. A person facing criminal charges in California could expect issues when:

  • Applying for a job
  • Applying for the rental of a house
  • Applying for a professional state license to practice law, teaching, or other career
  • Applying for a license to drive
  • Applying for an immigration visa, citizenship, or green card

This is just a limited list of the potential consequences you could face if you have been convicted of a crime in the State of California. Criminal convictions have the potential to affect your life through various forms; seek the legal expertise of a criminal defense attorney who will work diligently to collect evidence in your favor and seek expungement to help clear your criminal record. A skilled criminal defense lawyer could help you secure a lessened sentence or a complete case dismissal.

Crista Haynes is a criminal defense lawyer in Redlands, CA and is the only 4 California Bar Certified Family Law Specialist in Redlands. She vigorously fights for the rights of those facing criminal charges in California criminal courts. If you live in Redlands or San Bernardino, or any surrounding areas in the Inland Empire, including Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Crista is available to provide a consultation regarding your case and charges.

Key Elements Required in Criminal Defense Cases in California

Defending against a criminal charge in California can be a complex process for a person who is inexperienced and or un-familiar with the California criminal legal system and the local courts. Each individual case will present unique challenges and issues that must be confronted. The following are a few examples of criminal charges where the legal support of a skilled attorney can be crucial:

Driving Under the Influence – the State of California has relatively strict laws concerning DUIs. Many drivers will fail to recognize that driving under the influence also involves legal substances that cause impairment such as lawfully taken medications and even legal marijuana. Crista Haynes is a Redlands DUI attorney will seek to challenge DUI indicators and tests given by the arresting officer as well as the overall case and details presented by the district attorney.

Domestic Violence – this is a complicated charge that can involve witness and or strictly spoken accounts. A skilled attorney will defend your rights by working aggressively to defend potential biases used against you.

Drug Possessions – if you are charged with the possession of illicit drugs with the intent to sell, distribute, or for personal use, it is important to confront the tactical procedures utilized at the time of your arrest. With the legal support of a specialized attorney, you could get the case dismissed.

Obtain Strong & Experienced Legal Support

When it comes to criminal defense, it is important to know that time is working against you. It is important to obtain the support of a legal defense team who has the knowledge necessary to work quickly and diligently. If you are facing criminal charges, obtain the legal support of an expert criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Haynes Law Firm, APLC is dedicated to helping those who have been charged with a crime uphold their rights in a court of law. Our firm is highly experienced in defending the rights of those accused of DUI, domestic violence, drug possession and other crimes. When it comes to criminal defense in California, time is of the essence; Call us now at (833) 526-5197 to schedule an appointment regarding your matter.

Crista Haynes, compassionately protecting the rights of those being charged criminally in California courts. The Haynes Law Firm, APLC serves residents in Riverside and San Bernardino including Yucaipa, Loma Linda, Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa & Highland and the surrounding areas. If you are facing criminal charges in a California criminal court, or you’re helping to mount a defense for a family member Crista Haynes is available to discuss your matter and discuss possible strategies for defense.

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