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Expungements in California

Seal & Clear Your Criminal Record in San Bernardino & Riverside

The State of California gives certain criminally convicted individuals the opportunity to expunge their criminal record. This is also known as “setting a criminal conviction aside” or sealing your criminal record. If the petition to expunge the case is granted, this will help your case be undetectable to certain groups, such as landlords and employers. Once the conviction has been successfully expunged, you have the legal right to not disclose your previous conviction from those who inquire. However, you need an experienced Redlands expungement attorney serving San Bernardino County to help you navigate the process.

While expungements can have a huge beneficial impact on your life, you must understand the expungement process and specific requirements and responsibilities in the State of California. For more information concerning you eligibility or a denied petition, contact expungement attorney Crista Haynes of The Haynes Law Firm, APLC in Redlands, CA at (833) 526-5197 to answer your questions and help you through the process.

Expungement Attorney Serving San Bernardino & Riverside Courts

Attorney Crista Haynes is the only 4 California Bar Certified Family Law Specialist in Redlands but also vigorously fights for the rights of those petitioning for expungement in California. If you live in Redlands or San Bernardino, or any surrounding areas in the Inland Empire, including Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Crista is available to provide a consultation regarding your case.

Common Benefits of an Expungement

When a defendant has been criminally prosecuted, the conviction will be registered in a criminal database. Criminal databases are used across the nation and are used by many organization is both the public and private sectors. When a personal has a criminal record that he or she seeks to expunge, the successful expungement will update the database within 30 days of the valid petition. A few of the most common organizations that run criminal background checks include, but are not limited to the following: Loan lenders, Financial aid providers, Employers, Landlords, or Rental agencies.

When a person commits a crime, the crime has the potential to affect the individual and possibly his or her entire family for many years. A criminal record can affect a person get hired for a job, even if he or she is otherwise qualified for the position. It is worth mentioning that criminal records are accessible online and any inquiring person can obtain the records of another by paying a nominal fee. If you have a criminal record, consider speaking to a lawyer who can help you petition for an expungement. The benefits of an expungement are wide-ranging and obtaining the support of a specialized attorney can help you through the petition process.

The Expungement Process in California

You are eligible for an expungement in California if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your case is not a federal case – only state cases are eligible for expungements.
  • You were sentenced to county jail, not state imprisonment.
  • You have completed your probation period – if you received no probation, one year has passed since your conviction.
  • You have met all requirements of the sentence you were given.
  • You upheld all the terms of your probation.
  • You are not presently facing other charges or are on probation for another offens

Obtain the Legal Support of a Skilled Attorney

If you have a past criminal conviction and are interested in petitioning for an expungement, you should know that not every case will be eligible for an expungement in the State of California. Understanding if your case is eligible for an expungement can present many benefits that you and your family can enjoy. Do not allow a past criminal conviction hinder the potential of your future; seek legal expertise to help you expunge the case today.

The attorneys at The Haynes Law Firm, APLC are experienced in the field of criminal defense and expungements. We are dedicated to helping defendants petition for an expungement, which has the potential to help them in various aspects of their personal lives.

Crista Haynes, compassionately protecting the rights of those convicted of criminal charges in California. Crista is available for consultation and serves residents in Riverside and San Bernardino County including San Bernardino, Riverside, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, Banning, Beaumont, Calimesa & Highland and surrounding. If you are contemplating petitioning San Bernardino or Riverside courts for an expungement on your convictions, Crista Haynes is available to talk to you about your case.

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