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Restraining Orders

San Bernardino & Riverside Domestic Violence & Civil Restraining Orders Attorney

restraining order attorneyA restraining order or Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) in the State of California is a court ordered document that will offer protection to the petitioner, as well as related parties, from any of the following: Physical pain or injury, The threat of injury, and/or Different forms of abuse, Contact from the abuser, And more…

Crista Haynes is the only 4 California Bar Certified Family Law Specialist in Redlands and has helped men and women file for, and defend against restraining orders in all San Bernardino and Riverside County courts. Call The Haynes Law Firm, APLC today at (833) 526-5197 to get your questions answered and understand your rights

Understanding the Different Forms of Restraining Orders

There are various forms of court orders that serve to protect individuals from abuse. The following are examples restraining (protective) orders available in the State of California:

  • Domestic violence restraining orders filed in California are issued against anyone who is threatening your safety and wellbeing. It is important to understand that you do not have to be in a relationship or married with the person whom you wish to file a restraining order against.
  • Emergency protective orders are mostly used by law enforcement agencies and offer temporary protection. These are usually valid for five days and they are common in domestic violence cases or other criminal cases. When law enforcement is called and they see the immediate need, they are authorized to provide these orders.
  • Criminal protective orders prevent individuals from having any form of contact with the petitioning person. It also prevents them from visiting the petitioning person at certain places. This protective order is commonly used in criminal cases and is obtained through the responding district attorney’s office.
  • Restraining orders are a civil matter and are not dependent on an open criminal case to be upheld. They can, however, be a part of a criminal case like that of a domestic violence case.
  • Temporary restraining orders are civil restraining orders that offer protection, usually for three weeks. This order commonly used in domestic violence cases where the victim is often able to extend the order or make it permanent for up to 3 years.
  • Civil harassment restraining orders are civil orders that can be used to prevent harassment by a specific individual. Civil harassment restraining orders usually protect against excessive phone calls, in-person visits, text messages, or other forms of harassment.

The main objective of filing a restraining order is to protect individuals from others who threaten to harm them. For the most part, they prevent from harassment, annoyance, disturbing the peace, stalking, contacting the petitioner, and coming within 100 yards from the petitioner’s residence or place of employment.

The evident advantage of a restraining order is security for the petitioner. In the event that a restraining order is violated, the violating individual will assume the consequences. This can typically mean that he or she will be arrested for violating the terms highlighted in the protective order.

For Help in Filing a Protective Order or Defending Against One, Seek the Legal Advice of a Knowledgeable Attorney 

If you are interested in filing a protective order in the State of California or if you would like to know your rights when it comes to defending against a protective order, seek the legal advice of a family law attorney who has experience in protective order law.

The Redlands restraining order attorneys at The Haynes Law Firm, APLC are dedicated to upholding the rights of those seeking to file or defend against protective orders in California. They have extensive experience in the field of domestic violence restraining orders and civil harassment protective orders. For more information regarding your specific case, seek legal expertise as soon as possible.

Crista Haynes is a Redlands restraining orders lawyer handling civil and domestic violence matters and is the only 4 California Bar Certified Family Law Specialist in Redlands who vigorously fights for the rights of those petitioning for, as well as defended against protective orders in California. If you live in San Bernardino, Loma Linda, Yucaipa, Banning, Beaumont, Highland, Calimesa or the surrounding areas, The Haynes Law Firm, APLC is available to provide a consultation regarding your case in Riverside and San Bernardino County courts.

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