Serious or Violent Felony… Why the Distinction Matters at the Time for Sentencing

What you need to know about violent vs serious felony sentencing

If you are being charged with a serious and/or a violent felony you are currently facing a “strike” under California’s “three-strike law” and it is a good idea that you contact an attorney to help you fight your case. However, there are other distinctions that come into play regarding serious and/or violent felonies in California. Not only do they carry strikes as consequences of accepting a plea or being found guilty of, but they also are treated differently in the eyes of the court as far as sentencing and credit calculations are considered.

Understanding Conduct Credit

A serious felony will carry with it a sentencing and credit calculation at the rate of 50%. This means that if you plea to a serious felony or are found guilty of a serious felony, you will accumulate credit at the rate of 50%. This is best understood with an example. If you spend 100 actual days in custody you will receive 100 days of conduct credit and therefore will essentially only serve ½ of any sentence that is imposed.

Violent Felony vs a Serious Felony

A violent felony is drastically different then a serious felony for the purposes of sentencing and credit calculation. What this means is that a plea or a conviction on a violent felony will not give you a sentence of “half time” rather you only accumulate credit at the rate of 15%. So in the same example above if you spend 100 actual days in custody you will only receive 15 days of conduct credit.   So before accepting a plea to a violent felony please consider your other options and try negotiating a plea with the district attorney for different charge that will not keep you incarcerated for a longer period of time.

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